Monday, 29 December 2014

What I got for Christmas 2014~ Katey-Anne

Hey their! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season with those you love! Firstly a quick little disclaimer, this post is not a showing off post it's simply to show my gratitude and as Post such as these are my favourite to read I thought I would join in with the hype! 
I was Treated with some lovely make-up collections this Christmas, the top right is an eye-shadow pallet by No7 and it is already my favourite, I wore the gold colour on boxing day and the pigment is beautiful, the thing I love most about No7 eye shadows is that the blacks are always just rights whereas many make-up brands over glitter the black they seem to get a perfect middle. The bottom right is a secret Santa Clarins lip collection and they are perfect travel size. The other two photos are of the soap and glory Glamour Push set, although I had not previously heard of them my sister jumped with joy (as we got matching ones) because apparently the eye-liner and mascara are one of the best around, I look forward to using this set very much indeed.  
(OMG new bag!) 

(Michael kors Rose Gold watch ahhhh!)

Thoroughly spoilt with some wonderful Mr Michael Kors products this Christmas! Despite they're obvious beauty, they also come at a perfect time as my college bag and watch are broken!

(Gorgeous Tartan scarf from New look) 
(One Of my favourite gifts! A beautiful traditional Tiffany necklace!) 
(Do I even need to tell you what this is? aka my new favourite book?!)

(Beautiful March ring from my Nan)

I hope you enjoyed having a little nose into my Christmas! Let me know in the comments what you got & if we have any similar things! 

Lots of love, Katey-anne xox 

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Yummy, Healthy, Vegetarian Curry!~ Katey-Anne

YUM YUM YUM. Now, before you all cower at the thought of vegetarian food I would like to point out that this does no contain any Quorn or typical vegetarian delicacies (which as a veggie I  absolutely love!) it just does not contain meat. 
I first made this recipe in a food lesson around four years ago and have loved it since, arguably because it's the only recipe I can actually cook (lol) .
Now as I'm not one for 200 grammes three carrots and half a piece of lettuce, the measurements will be a tad ish and a bit off but I think that's the best way and you can change it to the amount of people you wish to cook it for!

Step one) Buying the goodies. 

  • An onion.
  • Potatoes.
  • Carrots.
  • Peppers.
  • Spinach. 
  • Aubergine.
  • Chopped tomatoes in sauce. 
  • Chick peas.

 Step Two) Chop,Chop, pour. 

This next step is the boring bit unless you have Master Chef skills and can chop carrots in thirty seconds. Prepare all the veggies and patatoes ready for cooking:)

Step Three) Cooking.

I started by cooking the carrots and potatoes so they would be really soft a light I only did this for around 10 minutes before proceeding to through everything In and cook on full heat for twenty minutes before cooking on low for almost an hour. During this time I added a variety of different herbs to the curry and a small amount of coconut milk. 

Step Four) Serving.

I've always been told that curry should be eaten the day after it is cooked ( So I left it in the fridge over night an re-heated it the next evening. I put my curry & rice in a cute blue serving tray. I was once again delighted with the outcome :) 

 Hope you enjoyed this different post today, let me know if I should do more like this :) 
Lots of love 
Katey-Anne xox

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Life with Messy curly hair~ Katey-Anne

half up half down how fancy!

be being all artsy and tumblr as per usual ya know 

just an excuse to post a miserable selfie  

I have often been asked the age old question; What's it like to have curly hair?

First of all let's get this straight I don't have ringlet hair or soft flowing waves as you can see, Instead I have rather odd curly/wavy hair that is different on different layers and changes the way it is as much the British weather. 

But despite that less than positive description I think recently I have decided I am actually 'ok' with the hair I have been 'blessed' with.

In my pre-teen and early teen years I was best friends with the straighteners and subsequently found my hair awfully damaged and since then I have made an effort to not put heat on my hair unless absolutely necessary. This does mean that all I have to do to get ready is wash my hair and let it naturally dry which is the biggest plus side to having curly hair because it requires minimal effort to style. 

Another benefit is that because of the curls it means that it is much easier to put in fancy up-do's if one should wish to do so. 


Curly hair gets knotty ALL the time.

My hair gets greasy VERY quickly. 

Plus you can't run your fingers through your hair or brush it during the day if you want to avoid having a candy floss on your head. 

So, after that description I think I will stick to my usual answer to the question and say that 'I don't really mind, I'm used to it' 

Thank-you for reading my lovelies
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lots of love
Katey-Anne xox 

Friday, 31 October 2014

Easy,quick Halloween costume 'broken doll' ~ Katey-Anne

Hey there!
I was invited to a movie night at my friends house to watch horror films last night and I thought I'd share with you my easy last minute costume! 

I started this look by applying my usual base of foundation and basic make-up, Next I used my MUA eye-shadow palette 'undress me too' to cover my lid in a base of the shade 'reveal' and blend the shade corrupt into my crease. This gave my eyes a stunning black smoky eye and as I don't get the chance to use that dark a black in every day life, I was pleasantly surprised at the pigment and glitter in the shade. 

Next I took the shown bat face paint that mum & I purchased from Tesco. Having watched a few you-tube videos and researched on Google images I attempted to create a creepy looking broken doll. I used the white to give the effect of larger eyes and then drew on eyelashes and cracks that came from my mouth elongating the smile. Finally I lined just under my water line with red to give a creepy eyed look and painted the pout lips on (I then went over with dark red lipstick as it showed up better) 

I ruffled my hair and sprayed it with a mountain of hairspray to give it more texture before putting on my outfit. Originally I had planned on wearing a black lacy dress but opted instead for a black leotard, long black skirt (short at the front) and patterned tights. I think this costume is so re-creatable and easy to do last minute as the outfit is just things you have lying around the house. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe it gave you a little inspiration too!

comment what your outfit was this Halloween! 

Lots of love Katey-Anne xox 

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Septemeber 2014 look back~ Katey-anne

I won an award!

In July I received a very exciting phone call from the director of the play I was in called 'The miracle worker' I had been given a nomination for best young actress in the North Essex theatre Guild! 

On the 12th of September my family & I got all dressed up to attend the event and I was totally shocked to discover I had won! 
Getting on the stage I could hear the screams from my family and fellow cast members as my knees began to ever so slightly wobble. 
I'm still in awe whenever I see the award in my living room and I can't thank everyone enough!

Starting sixth form college

This September I took the next leap into my education into the wonders of A-levels. I moved to a college of 3000 16-18 year old's and knew only about ten people there. I choose to take; Drama and theatre studies, Performance studies, English literature & Geography! 
Despite the challenge of the new environment and the mountains of work load I am completely loving this new little adventure and I look forward to what college has in store for the next two years! (20,000 essay's I expect) 

 Visiting Harry potter World!

On the 28th of September few of my friends and I visited harry potter world for my friend Anna's 19th Birthday! (you're never to old for harry potter trust me) 

It was an unbelievable day of magical memories. 

Thank-you for reading this little update/look-back, Feel free to let me know below what you got up to this September!
Lots of love
Katey-Anne xox

Saturday, 20 September 2014

25 Random facts about me~ Katey-Anne

Hey there:)

So as you're probably new to this blog & my world etc etc I thought I should share with you some random facts:) 
P.S I had to think super hard about all of these because I am actually super boring. 

1) My initials spell my first name,
Kate Anne Theresea Edwards
And before you ask no my parents did not do that on purpose it was totally coincidental and I added my second middle name in last year:)

2) I have an unfortunate birth mark that looks like a hickey on my neck and I can't count the amount of times someone as asked 'Lol Kate why do u have a hickey right underneath your chin' It's a birth marks kids.

3) On the subject of necks I hate people touching my neck. 

4) I am currently taking Drama, Performance  studies, English literature and Geography at AS level.

5) I have two massive pictures of Marilyn Monroe on my wall in my bedroom.

6) I have only not been to France one year of my life and I still got a D at GCSE.
(although it's being remarked lol)

7) My favorite food is pizza :)

8)My favorite Disney movie is Mulan.

9) I hate maths.

10) I like to put the top half of my hair in a pony-tale because it's not in as good condition as the bottom half.

11) My twitter is great follow me:

12) I love scouting for girls, my favorite song of theirs is 'posh girls'

13) My preferred nail varnish is 'little duck' from the Tanya burr lips & nails range

15) In my opinion the best harry potter character is Draco Malfoy.

16) On the 24/4/14 I went to see MCBUSTED in concert and it was absolutely smashing :):):):)

17) I'm probably one of the few people that actually enjoyed high school 10 x more than primary school.

18) I once won an award for being the best leader in a local young entrepreneur thing me bob & although I didn't see it, my interview was shown on the local BBC news - be impressed (or don't).

19) I still suck my thumb sometimes when I sleep, my mum even pulls it out- embarrassing I know.

20) My birthday is the same day as Keira Knightleys.*claim to fame*

21) I can cry on cue.

22) I drink way way way way way waaaaaaaay too much tea, I think I am addicted to caffeine, that or I am an old lady well before my time.

23) I find myself very annoying, LOL.

24) I really want lots of children when I am older I like the names Duncan & Eliza.

25) Despite being 16 I still hate hate hate being home alone in my own very safe house.

I hope you enjoyed that little nosy insight into my life ;)

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Lots of love Katey-Anne xox

Saturday, 13 September 2014

My summer ~ Katey-Anne

(Not the correct spelling but we all make mistakes)
(where we belong)

Hey There:)

In this blog post I am going to talk about two trips my family & I did during the summer.

The first of which was a trip to London to celebrate my Nan's birthday. We saw the show the 'Commitments' which although had great music and an exceptional cast wasn't the musical theater stuff that I myself am used too and if you enjoy character development and were born after the 80's  I wouldn't recommend it, nevertheless we really enjoyed our self's and even my younger sister and I found our self's dancing along to songs we had never even heard before.

The next day in London we went full tourist (despite having lived within an hour of London our whole lives) and visited the Tower of London. History is something that really interests all of us and who can resist a bit of bling when you go too see the crown jewels???

The second Trip was to sunny Spain and my family our friends & I left England in the midst of rain storms for the much more pleasant climate of Spain. We spent 10 days in Sitges at a lovely seaside town packed with cute lanes and beautiful beaches. We then went all touristy once again and spent two days on the open top bus's in Barcelona and visited the Olympic stadium, The Sagrada Familia, The magic fountains and many many more. It was a lovely holiday and the perfect way to relax after a busy year.

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Lots of love Katey-Anne:) xox